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A few words about me ...

My name is Christina, not Christina el moussa, just Christina and for a long time I wanted to share what makes, in my eyes, the crispness of my daily life: my experiences, my encounters, my little sexy anecdotes, but also the toys that I could test and the dating sites that I really like!

My funny stories

You enter here in the intimacy of Christina... I share with greediness and lightness small crunchy anecdotes, first times of my naughty appointments, but also encounters, brief and spiced up with an unexpected doggy style, or long erotic moments. 

My online meetings

I'm adventurous for a day, open, playful and I like to explore the unknown... so I wanted to try out dating sites. For you, I'll describe my experience of some well known dating sites on which I had the chance to make beautiful meetings... 

Naughty, libertine, adulterous or more serious, I share with you all my experiences, without any taboos...

My favorite accessories are

I love to spice up my experiences with gadgets, alone or accompanied, with some naughty toys... So of course I wanted to tell you about it in order to excite you! I speak to you here in all transparency of my choices and my uses of sextoys. 
No taboos on my site where I share my personal advices and my little tips to enjoy all the sexual practices and the pleasures they have to offer...