Christina tells you about herself

My name is Christina, I've been living in the USA for 10 years, I'm Australian by origin and for a long time I wanted to share what I consider to be my life as a woman in my daily life: my experiences, my encounters, my little sexy anecdotes, but also all the toys I've been able to test and the dating sites I really like !

My two watchwords: lightness and freedom ! To be transparent with you as my favorite babydoll, I don't earn money with this blog, even through partnerships with brands I really like because the site is not known.

If you want to work with me, we can talk about it face to face right here !

Voluntarily I don't have any pictures of me on this site, but you can discover me by browsing my various articles; anyway, through my anecdotes you will discover much more about me than on a simple online ad !

I just tell you about my discoveries, my sensations and my experiments with all the little toys that spice up my sex life and of course I tell you about the sites I have tested, so who knows, maybe we'll meet there...?

To know me better, you can already : 

Read my articles and find out more about me...

Try to find me on my favorite dating site of the moment ?  Promise, if you find me, and you write me with the subject «Hello Christina» I will at least answer your messages... I don't promise you anything more 😇 , but from a message, everything is possible you know it well !