I tested Libertic... here is my opinion !

As you now know, I register from time to time on a libertine dating site. I like to spice up my sex life with this kind of meeting. I have tested several of them to present you my comparison of the best libertine dating sites but today, it is Libertic that I want to talk about.

I tested it a few months ago and I finally find the time to give you my opinion on Libertic. Is it as good as Jacquie & Michel Libertins, my favorite? That's what I propose you to discover !

Libertic, a libertine dating site that defends itself !

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It is not easy to compete with the giants present on the market of libertarian dating sites such as Jacquie et Michel Libertins (the version dedicated to libertarianism of J&M Contact), Wyylde or NousLibertins. But we must admit that Libertic has not said its last word.

Don't be fooled by its classic and old-fashioned interface for 2021! Behind it are women, men, couples who are really looking for libertine partners.

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The libertine dating site Libertic is not a newcomer since it was founded in 2010. It announces more than 500 000 registered members, 85% of women and couples and 15% of men. The meetings are only based on sex and the libertine desires of each.

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There are some fake profiles but they are rare and easily spotted. On the libertine and swinger dating site Libertic, several possibilities are offered to you. From the simple libertine meeting to the triolism while passing by the virtual exchanges, the parties or the private events, there is for all the tastes and all the preferences !

Comparative and Alternatives to this dating site

The best way to know what a dating site is worth is to compare it to others I have tested. Of course, I haven't tested all the libertine dating sites because they are so numerous.


But every time I discover and take the time to test a site, I update my list of favorites. 

My comparison of today includes the sites that I find top at the moment. It may evolve (most likely) as I test more and more dating sites. 

Comparison : Libertic vs Jacquie & Michel Libertins vs Nouslibertins
I told you there are a lot of sites in this theme. Of course I haven't tested them all (yet), but I think I have visited most of the most famous ones.


That has to be worth something in my opinion, right  ?