I'm Christina, why read my review of the dating sites I've tried ?


I am adventurous, open, playful and I like to explore... so I wanted to try dating sites, a lot. For you, I'll detail my experience on some well known sites where I had the chance to meet some nice people... 




I just tell you about my discoveries of all the dating sites on which I registered, my feelings and my experiments with all the little toys that spice up my sex life and of course I tell you about the sites that I tested, but I am not here to advertise them.




My favorite accessories
I love to spice up my experiences, alone or accompanied, with some naughty toys... So of course I wanted to tell you! I speak to you here in all transparency of my choices and my uses of sextoys which found of my experience of the intense moments.




My different practices that are not creations
No taboos with me in this section where I allow myself to share my personal advices and my little tips to enjoy all the sexual practices and the pleasures they have to offer...




Adultery: between consenting adults of course 
As you know, the site 69sexpositions.com is without taboos. I write in a spirit of freedom and lightness assumed by my experience. I share my stories, my experiences, and sometimes also my convictions, always sexy, but always in the respect of each one also. There are dating sites specialized in adultery, I hope that my experience of dating sites will help you in your experimentations.